Proofing, the Benefits of Mistakes (all the exercises are related!) proofing May 11, 2021
Proofing Part III:

A dog that is reliable on the sit stay, recall, and retrieve has the foundation needed for a successful obedience career.

This is Part III in a series of videos that I’ve...

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Proofing is Not Just Adding Random Distractions preparing to show proofing May 04, 2021
Proofing Part II:

The word, proofing, is bandied about, and there are even “proofing classes” being taught. This makes me nervous, as extreme distractions can easily make a dog...

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What is Proofing? benefits of mistakes preparing to show proofing Apr 28, 2021
Proofing Part I:

One of the greatest frustrations for obedience competitors is failing.
Not earning a green ribbon is a drag.

Years ago, I had a dog that was very inconsistent. He would go from...

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