Connie Cleveland is an internationally recognized dog trainer who offers specialized weekend training seminars to competitive obedience competitors around the country and overseas. 

Connie's seminars focus on understanding how dogs learn and clear communication. She is passionate about helping people at all levels of the sport.

Seminars begin with a discussion about How Dogs Learn.  Then she spends time working individually with each team attending. 

Generally, there are people who are unsure how to teach, or having difficulty with attention, heeling, and retrieving. However, commonly, she tackles more advanced subjects, such as choreographing your performance, maintaining a trained dog's attitude and problem solving difficult exercises. 

Interested in booking Connie for a training seminar in your area? Contact [email protected] 

Weekend Seminars

2023 - In person

Oct 11 + 18, 2023 - Red Lion, PA, Papillonia Dog Training Academy - Jeannine Rash [email protected] or Deb Byloff [email protected] 
Oct 14 & 15 - Lab Club, Boston, MA- Franklin, MA - Jen Quinn, [email protected] 
Nov. 18 & 19 - Evansville, IN - Lisa Mueller[email protected] 

2024 - In person

Jan 13 & 14 - Ocala, FL - Niki Bouland, [email protected] 
Feb 10 & 11 - Seattle, WA - Terri Sato, [email protected] 
Mar 16 & 17 - Omaha, NE - Gerianne Darnell, [email protected] 
April 13 & 14- Newark, DE - Arlene Hitchens, [email protected] 
May 4 & 5 -  Greenville, SC - Barb Mina, [email protected]
June 1 & 2 - Louisville, KY - Bella Gaudette, [email protected] 
June 29 & 30 - Winchester, VA - Colleen Nolan, [email protected] 
July 13 & 14 - Fayetteville, NC - Roberta Pylate, [email protected] 
July 27 & 28 - Kansas City, MO [email protected] 
August 10 & 11 - Ann Arbor, MI, Jeanne Thomas, [email protected] 
Sept 7 & 8 - Bayshore, Tinton Falls, NJ - Ashley Tripodi, [email protected] 
Sept 28 & 29 - Albany, NY - Mary Maltbie, [email protected] 
Oct 1 - Doberman Pinscher Club of America, [email protected] (Location to be announced)
Nov 23 & 24 - Hyattsville, DTC - Jane Williams, [email protected] 


From Participants

"I just want to say the seminar more than exceeded my expectations. Connie is very detailed and a wealth of practical  information.  Aside from getting my own problem solved, I liked watching and learning from Connie as she worked with the other teams.  I also liked the science behind training (use of reward markers, understanding how dogs learn, types of errors and how to apply corrections) and how this was presented ahead of time. It sunk in better as Connie role modeled and reinforced the concepts over the weekend. Laid out in a systematic way, her system gives you a framework to train and encourages you to think through your problems, focus on the dog in front of you, and make adjustments to better your handling skills."

"Connie is an excellent speaker and has the knowledge to address every aspect of obedience and each team's specific needs.  She offers various ways to address the same problem depending on the dog's response to the training or fix of a problem.  She kept the audience engaged with her input of funny personal stories and humor."

" I loved how Connie included basic skills for people who are newer to obedience.  She really took her time and not only helped them solve problems, but taught them the basic skills they needed.  She did this in a way that encouraged them to continue in obedience, but also with a dose of a reality check about having and using corrections when needed for all situations.   Her continuous work with Bella over two days was a great example of her commitment to helping with problems, not just obedience exercises."

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