Connie Cleveland is an internationally recognized dog trainer who offers specialized weekend training seminars to competitive obedience competitors around the country and overseas. 

Connie's seminars focus on understanding how dogs learn and clear communication. She is passionate about helping people at all levels of the sport.

Seminars begin with a discussion about How Dogs Learn.  Then she spends time working individually with each team attending. 

Generally, there are people who are unsure how to teach, or having difficulty with attention, heeling, and retrieving. However, commonly, she tackles more advanced subjects, such as choreographing your performance, maintaining a trained dog's attitude and problem solving difficult exercises. 

Interested in booking Connie for a training seminar in your area? Contact [email protected] 

Weekend Seminars

2022 - In person

June 25 & 26 - Peterborough, Ontario - Cait Roffey, [email protected] 

July 9 & 10 - Fayetteville, NC - Roberta Pylatte, [email protected]

Sept 10 & 11 - Albany, NY - Mary Maltbie, [email protected]

Oct 29-30 - Allentown DTC - Kathy Pugh, [email protected] 

Nov. 19 & 20 - Louisville, KY - Bella Gaudette, [email protected]

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