The Obedience Road

The Information You Need to Succeed at Competitive Obedience

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Eliminate Confusion

Apply sound principles and easy to understand techniques

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Enjoy Training

Create training sessions that are fun for you and your dog!

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Reach Your Goals

Let your dream become a plan and your plan become a reality!

Training can be confusing, and you need information, but there’s a problem

  • Traveling for instruction is expensive and time consuming
  • It’s difficult to get your questions answered
  • You don’t have a clear plan…

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The Obedience Road has everything you need to develop your skills and your dog’s…

All in one place!

Let Connie Cleveland guide you no matter where you are on your obedience journey


The Obedience Road- A Proven Path from Newcomer to Successful Obedience Competitor

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Tricks that Transition to Obedience Exercises

A FREE Digital Obedience Guide

Teaching your dog tricks can be fun, entertaining, and useful for building competitive obedience skills

This complementary online program demonstrates seven tricks (illustrated in a CHART and demonstrated on VIDEO) that are easy to teach, and transition very nicely into obedience exercises.