The Obedience Road

The Information You Need to Succeed at Competitive Obedience

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Learn simple Tricks that will transition to Obedience Exercises!

Teaching your dog tricks can be fun, entertaining, and useful for building competitive obedience skills.

This FREE online program demonstrates seven eight tricks (illustrated in a CHART and demonstrated with VIDEO lessons) that are easy to teach, and transition very nicely into obedience exercises.

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Eliminate Confusion

Apply sound principles and easy to understand techniques

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Enjoy Training

Create training sessions that are fun for you and your dog!

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Reach Your Goals

Let your dream become a plan and your plan become a reality!

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Training can be confusing, and you need information, but there’s a problem . . .

  • Traveling for instruction is expensive, time-consuming, and not always possible.

  • It’s difficult to get your questions answered.

  • You don’t have a clear plan.

The Obedience Road has everything you need to develop your skills and your dog's . . . All in One Place!

Let Connie Cleveland guide you no matter where you are on your obedience journey 

" It is my heart's desire to help you. The Obedience Road is the best system I have to do so. I hope you will join me there." ~ Connie Cleveland

The Obedience Road is designed to offer you a road, a SUCCESS PATH for COMPETITIVE OBEDIENCE.

Teaching Skills?  Preparing to Perform?  Actively Competing?

The Obedience Road has the information you need!

If you've ever thought . . .

“I have a question and I need help.”

“I need someone to take a look at this and tell me what they think!”

Get your questions answered inside the Obedience Road!

👉 Obedience Road members submit emails and videos to Connie for feedback and suggestions.

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Membership Includes

 Four Libraries of information that cover:

  • Starting your new competitor with the right skills in the right order
  • Foundation Skills necessary for all the obedience exercises
  • Instructions for teaching each individual exercise
  • Preparing to Compete from warming up to choreographing your performance

⭐ Member Monthly Webinar.
Submit your questions directly to Connie and receive a personal response.
⭐ Private Community of supportive and encouraging members.

You will Receive

💥 The Information you need to teach your inexperienced dog all the exercises. 
💥 The Plan you need to prepare for the day of the show. 
💥 The Support you need to keep your competitive partner at the top of his game.

Kind Words From Obedience Road Members

Obedience road

Being able to watch the videos on different skills as needed has really helped me, especially during my furlough. The format of OR makes it easy to find what I’m looking for and to utilize the instructions.  Your progression on the exercises makes sense to me. I LOVE the Facebook group.  A wonderful bunch of uplifting, positive folks sharing ideas and encouragement. 

~ OR Member

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I really enjoy being on the Obedience Road with everyone. The information in the modules is presented in logical steps that make sense to me, and I like reading comments from others on the FB page. The webinars are helpful on a variety of subjects and I look forward to them each month.

~ Ann G. 

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I appreciate the time and effort that has gone into developing this outstanding program and the incredible confidence building I’ve experienced.


The ability to have access to Connie's skills and knowledge. The fact I can submit videos and get input is amazing!

~ OR Member

Registrations are currently closed.

If you'd like to get a reminder when enrollment is opening, plus receive our awesome training tips & tricks, submit your details below. 

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