About Connie


Meet Connie

Connie Cleveland is an internationally recognized dog trainer who has been teaching and coaching dog obedience students for over three decades. 

In 2020, Connie launched The Obedience Roada complete online resource for obedience competitors. Utilizing written & video content, monthly webinars, community forums and personalized video review, Connie coaches obedience newcomers and experienced competitors alike.

Connie’s passion is teaching people how dogs learn, and how to clearly communicate with them. Her favorite part of The Obedience Road is having the opportunity to bring high-quality instruction to members all around the world. 

Previously, Connie operated the Dog Trainers Workshop, in Fountain Inn, SC where she coached more than 100 students each week for 33 years.

Connie currently offers 10 in-person seminars each year, has developed several digital training guides and regularly contributes to Front & Finish and The Golden Retriever News.

Connie competes in both Competition Obedience and Retriever Field Trials, finishing 12 Obedience Trial Champions (OTCH), 2 Field Champions (FC), 5 Amateur Field Champions (AFC), a UDT Maltese and a CDX Shih-Tzu.

Success Stories

"Connie, you are such a cut above so many professional trainers! I would never have had the guts to send in these videos to anyone else. You are so kind, approachable, and non-judgmental, you make me feel like you just want to help me succeed. Thanks for your help.
I am loving the Obedience Road!"

"I want you to know what a huge difference you’ve made to my training. I am a better trainer because of you and my dog makes clear progress because of how I’ve shifted my process."

The Obedience Road

A complete online resource with everything you need to succeed at competitive obedience.