Proofing is Not Just Adding Random Distractions

preparing to show proofing May 04, 2021
Proofing Part II:

The word, proofing, is bandied about, and there are even “proofing classes” being taught. This makes me nervous, as extreme distractions can easily make a dog unnecessarily nervous and worried. The distractions we use should be intentional and purposeful.

Remember, this conversation began with the idea that proofing helps teach your dog what you will not allow. Proofing is the third, and final stage of developing a consistent obedience performer. 

I want you to start by proofing the sit stay, recall and retrieve. Each exercise has a finite number of failing mistakes that your dog can make. Use proofing to create a confident and consistent performance on those three exercises. Then, you will have the tools you need to teach your dog what you expect on every obedience exercise. 

The video concludes with an assignment. Take some time to think about your answer to the questions, and watch for Part III in this series.

I hope you can take a few moments to watch the above video and, as always, let me know what you think.

- Connie

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