Obedience Road - Sample Lesson

Go-Outs: Increase your distance to 50 ft

Below is a sample lesson from the Directed Jumping module inside Obedience Road. There are several lessons dedicated to every exercise. Here is the outline of the Directed Jumping module, so you understand where this lesson falls in Connie’s progression.

  • Prerequisites – Are you ready to teach Directed Jumping?
  • Teaching Go-Outs: A chart of Dog & Handler Skills
  • Teaching Go-Outs: A Webinar discussing the flow chart
  • Go-Outs: Increase your distance to 50 ft
  • Learning the Go and the Turn & Sit
  • Go Outs: Teaching your dog to look out
  • Improving Directed Jumping
  • Proofing Go-Outs and solving problems
  • Proofing: Practicing gloves and go-outs together
  • Proofing: Webinar on Proofing go-outs

The first step of the Go-out exercise is introduced in the Module, Foundation Skills (III.6)

When your dog will reliably leave your side to go to the barrier, and stand between two guides, it's time to increase your distance to 50 feet.


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