Webinar Replay

Reward Markers

with expert Obedience Trainers, Connie Cleveland and Pat Nolan


What can a Powerful Reward Marker do for you?

Connecting Obedience

With the Pursuit of Reward

As you teach your dog the fundamental skills he will need to do obedience, learning to use you Reward Marker effectively will determine how your dog feels about obedience. Your dog will understand that you have powerful rewards available and that you want to give them to him. He will learn what behaviors produce reward and most importantly, he will start to enjoy those behaviors. 

Gone are the days when you reward your dog because you feel obligated or because he has worked "long enough." Using your reward marker, your dog can always understand exactly what he did that caused reward to happen.

Access this 1 hour 15 minute webinar replay "What can a Powerful Reward Marker do for you?" with Pat Nolan and Connie Cleveland. 


Meet Connie

I can't remember a life before dog training. I have spent over 30 years teaching obedience classes to pet owners and obedience competitors, and am still actively showing in the sport of Obedience. 

We have so many resources available to you. Whether you want the pet of your dreams or an obedience trial champion, it's our hearts desire to help you. We know that a trained dog will bring so much joy into your life, and we would love to be a part of your journey.