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The Power of Reward Markers

Each month, Connie hosts a live webinar for Obedience Road members. 
Below is a partial sample webinar, “Connecting Obedience with the Pursuit of Reward”.


Connecting Obedience with the Pursuit of Reward

As you teach your dog the fundamental skills he will need to do obedience, learning to use you Reward Marker effectively will determine how your dog feels about obedience. Your dog will understand that you have powerful rewards available and that you want to give them to him. He will learn what behaviors produce reward and most importantly, he will start to enjoy those behaviors. 

Gone are the days when you reward your dog because you feel obligated or because he has worked "long enough." Using your reward marker, your dog can always understand exactly what he did that caused reward to happen.

This is an excerpt of a webinar with Pat Nolan and Connie Cleveland. The full webinar recording is available to purchase >> 


Each month, Connie explores a new topic relevant to Competition Obedience with Obedience Road members. Recent topics include ...

Canine Conditioning for the Obedience Dog – 3-part interview with sports medicine veterinarian Dr. Jennell Appel. Dr. J teaches us how to make sure our dogs are at their best to physically handle the training and trialing required in obedience.

Determining if You’re Ready to Show – Connie walks us through the drills we should try, proofing we should do, and strategies to consider before sending in your entry.

Showing Strategy: Fix ‘n Go – on April 1, 2021, the AKC introduced a proposal to include the Fix 'n Go in obedience competition. You can watch or listen as Connie spends an hour talking about ways to use this new rule to your advantage.

Preparing for a Special Event – This panel discussion discusses training and trialing strategies for 4 obedience competitors preparing for the AKC Obedience Classic and the AKC National Obedience Championship.

Strength, Balance, and Endurance for the Obedience HANDLER! – Conversation with Dorothy Dillion, physical therapist. We spend a lot of time training and conditioning our dogs, but what about us? Dorothy helps us feel our best so we can continue to train hard.

Strategies to Compete Successfully in Multiple Venues - Many of us compete in more than one venue. Join a fun discussion about setting training goals, especially when you are dividing your time between multiple venues.

Training Questions and Answers – it’s a free for all! Obedience Road members submit their questions and Connie answers them live.


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