Electric Collars:
An Honest & Open Discussion

Connie Cleveland-Nolan
Pat Nolan

Pat Nolan & Connie Cleveland-Nolan sit down for a forthright discussion about the use of electric collars.

Electric Collar Training, E-Collars,

The public uses e-collars with underground fence systems. They are available in pet stores as a means to stop unwanted behaviors.

E-collars are common in some competitive venues, but others consider it inappropriate and unacceptable. 

If your goal is to have a well-mannered pet, or a good obedience or agility dog, you may never have a reason to use an e-collar.

However, if your dog does not respond reliably when off-leash, the e-collar may be the right tool for you. 

"Pat and I are not advocating for or against the use of an e-collar, but we are willing to share our experiences and knowledge. Everyone benefits from open and honest discussions."    ~ Connie 

Do you have questions or concerns about training with electric collars?

 If you are ...

💥 Using one and wishing you understood it better,

💥 Considering that it might be a useful tool,

💥 Disheartened as it seems to be another misused piece of training equipment,

... then this discussion is for you. 

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