Electric Collars: An Instructional Guide

If you think the e-collar is the tool you need

and you want to understand how to use it correctly,

this course is for you!

If you think the electic collar is the tool you need, and

you want to understand how to use it correctly,

this course is for you!

No matter how hard you try, some dogs are simply not reliable off-leash.

When used appropriately and systematically, an electric collar can offer you and your dog the freedom you only dreamt  possible. 

Using our three step process- Guidance, Decision and Commitment - your dog will learn to respond reliably in all situations. 


Appropriately using an e-collar involves ... 

Understanding training principles and how to teach your dog to connect obedience with reward.

Following step-by-step instructions to reward and reinforce the commands Come, Sit, Kennel, & Stay. 

Teaching your dog to stop and prevent the e-collar stimulation, and make reward happen by responding. 

Included in the course, you'll find

Instructional video and text based lessons, including ... 

🥇 Getting Started- Understanding Your E-Collar Settings

🥇 Training in Drive- Connecting Obedience with Reward

🥇 Understanding and Using Reward Markers

🥇 Step-by-Step Instructions to reinforce the commands: Come, Sit, Kennel, & Stay

🥇 An Obedience Game: Practicing Multiple Commands

🥇 Table Games– A fun game for dogs continuing into Hunt Test & Field Trial Competitions

🥇 Submit Your Questions within the Course and Get Our Help!


You and your dog will have fun practicing and perfecting his responses to the most important commands.  


What our Clients are saying ... 

"I can stop so many annoying behaviors (jumping up, chasing the cat) because my dog will  reliably Sit and Come. Thank you!"

"Today, for the first time ever, I took my dog to our local park and trained him WITHOUT a leash. Being able to trust him off leash is opening up other opportunities for our training."

"I would not have believed a month ago that I could trust my dog "loose," without a leash, in a wide-open space. What fun!"

E-Collars: An Instructional Guide

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