Training Q&A - Unwanted Sniffing & Multiple Failures

preparing to show scent articles Jan 26, 2023

Recently, I hosted a webinar- Overcoming Obstacles and Achieving Your Goals. 

The first question in this video involved a dog that is sniffing the ground on his way to the scent article pile. 
When solving problems, consider whether the problem is specific to the exercise where it occurs, or can be tackled in a simpler context. Sometimes it is hard to know! 

The problem presented is interesting as it may be much more easily tackled and fixed on the flat retrieve, or even a glove retrieve. 

The second question is from a frustrated exhibitor that has failed Open 11 times, but not always the same exercise. It is important to be intentional as you try to improve your dogs understanding of the exercises. It is also important to "train like you show." 

Please watch the video for more information! 

Did you enjoy the article? 

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