Scent Articles: Turn & Sit or Send Directly?

scent articles Oct 19, 2022

On the Scent Article exercise, you have a choice. You can turn and sit and then send for the article, or you can send your dog directly to the article pile.

Pros and Cons
The turn and sit offers more control for the excited dog and probably makes it easier for the small dog to locate the pile. However, the turn and sit gives the judge one more sit to judge, and it can be a momentum killer for a dog that is not overly enthusiastic about the exercise. A common complaint about sending directly to the pile is that the dog may not turn tight and will lose points for a wide turn. This video offers a technique to teach your dog to “send directly.” It’s fun to practice and you can start now, even if you have not started teaching the Scent Article exercise.

There's no harm in trying. Ultimately if you decide you want your dog to turn and sit, transitioning from sending directly to a turn and sit is not difficult. In fact, it's much easier than teaching a dog that is in the habit of sitting to continue to go without an additional command.

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