Raising a Performance Puppy - Pan at 13 weeks

foundation puppy Nov 02, 2021
Training a competition puppy foundation obedience

Pan’s obedience lessons are getting a little more complicated as I am doing very little luring and expecting him to perform to earn reward. Practicing multiple skills in a variety of orders proved to be a bit confusing.

Additionally, Pan has started scent work! Watch his first lesson in its entirety.  Pan is imprinted on odor and quickly distinguishing between target odor, controls, and distractions! I am using scent tubes designed by my husband, Pat Nolan. You can find instructions for making your own scent tubes at https://patnolan.com/scent-tube-construction/

During Pan's second and third lesson, I am able to move from imprinting odor to rewarding for odor recognition. He is starting to pause in odor and learning to maintain his alert for longer periods of time. 

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