Raising a Performance Puppy - Pan at 10 weeks

foundation puppy retrieve Nov 08, 2021
Training competition puppy obedience

Socialization is introducing your puppy to sights, sounds, and surfaces. In this video, I use some boxes that arrived to expose him to the skills of tunneling and climbing. Add to that, the use of a Reward Marker and he was readily working on moving away from reward to earn reward. Additionally, using the Reward Marker I am able to get Pan to start taking the dumbbell from my hand. 

Luring is using food to show the dog a direct path to reward. Most of us are very comfortable luring our dogs and puppies to shape behaviors.

Teaching your puppy that there is an indirect path to reward can be a stumbling block for many of us as it is not as easily achieved. Using a Reward Marker, your puppy is not just chasing a food bribe, but offering behavior to earn a reward. 

Watch this video with those concepts in mind. Notice when I am luring and when I am rewarding. Have the determination that you can do the same with your puppy! 

Sit, Down, Stay, Spin, Roll-over, Shake, Come, Place, Fetch, Out...Pan's list of commands is growing as well as his ability to chain behaviors together. 


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