The Perfect Performance- Animated and Accurate!

inspirational preparing to show May 17, 2022

When we are competing in obedience, our dog's mindset should be both, animated and accurate.

I don't think our dogs can be in that perfect balance at all times. If training has been easy and fun, your dog may be feeling very animated, but too relaxed to be accurate. If training has been challenging and your dog has made errors, he may be concentrating hard, looking very precise, but not as animated as he can be.

As a coach for your canine athlete, how do you create practice sessions that are both challenging and fun? Especially the week before an event?

This video clip is part of a recent webinar I did for the Obedience Road members. In this clip, I talk about preparing for a show by strategically planning your training sessions the week before the event. Hopefully this gives you something to think about as you strive for the perfect performance that is both animated and accurate. 

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