Improving Scent Articles

scent articles Jul 24, 2022

I get a lot of questions about the Scent Article exercise. Many problems are solved by helping the dog become more confident in his ability to perform.

Today’s video discusses several drills you can use to:

  1. Help your dog systematically search the pile
  2. Maintain a tight turn when sending directly to the pile

When my dog picks up an incorrect article, I follow A Simple Rule to Train By  I tell the dog he’s wrong, bring him back to my side, and simplify the task. Allowing a dog to bring you a wrong article, or telling him to put down an incorrect article, can be the cause of problems such as a slow return, or picking up and putting down correct and incorrect articles.

Today’s blog post is a compilation of videos that I produced for the members of the Obedience Road discussing techniques to improve your Scent Article exercise. I hope you enjoy it!


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