Training Q&A - Glove Problems & Mouthing Scent Articles

gloves retrieve problems Jan 19, 2023

Last week, I hosted a webinar to help obedience enthusiasts develop strategies to overcome training challenges encountered on the way to achieving their goals. 

The above video includes a discussion about two problems brought up during the webinar;

  1. My dog retrieves the wrong glove during the Utility Directed Retrieve exercise, and, 
  2. My dog mouths/chomps scent articles

During the webinar, I gave attendees a sneak peek into the Obedience Road platform, which I've included in the above video. We discussed how content is organized on the Obedience Road, how to submit training questions, monthly special-topic webinars, weekend trial problem-solving via WhatsApp, and our private Facebook group. 

Thank you to those that joined me for the webinar, it was a lot of fun! 

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