Sneak Peek Inside the Obedience Road!

Jan 18, 2024

Recently, I received some questions about the Obedience Road membership program. I created the video above to answer a few questions and give you a look into the platform.  I also answered several questions below. 

Don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions.


🥇Question 1: I'm new to Competition Obedience, is Obedience Road appropriate for someone at my experience level?

Yes! We have a module specifically for the new obedience prospect. In this module, we cover every piece of foundation training you'll need for a successful obedience career. Step by step, our foundation will have you working on attention, heeling, retrieves, and go-outs...right away! I provide a clear, systematic approach to give you the best foundation possible.

🥇Question 2: I'm an experienced competitor, my dog is halfway to his UDX. What types of content do you have available for me? 

Because you are an experienced competitor, you know the amount of training it takes to maintain all the Open and Utility exercises. We cover several topics that help our experienced competitors stay sharp, such as planning your training session, dialing in on your pre-show warm-up, how to use proofing to improve your performance, and how to handle mistakes that occur in the ring. 

In addition to these lessons, we regularly host webinars that are relevant to experienced competitors. We've had panel discussions on preparing for large tournaments like the NOC, Q&As with obedience judges, and discussions with a Sports Medicine Veterinarian to ensure our dogs are physically at their best.

Additionally, if you experience a performance snag while competing, all members are encouraged to text me so we can brainstorm ways to fix your problem before the next day's event.  

🥇Question 3: I compete in several other dog sports, but I'd like to start obedience. Will my involvement in other sports be a problem for this training method?

Many of our members (including myself!) pursue other dog sports at the highest level possible. In fact, I've found several ways to incorporate your dog's other training into obedience. Field dogs tend to be great at directed jumping, Agility dogs soar over broad jumps and scent dogs find great joy in doing scent articles. 

We not only support your involvement in other sports, but we also encourage it!

🥇Question 4: I don't have access to a training building. Will I still be able to participate in your training challenges and submit training videos?

You do not need a building to be successful. I don't have access to a training building either, but I get plenty of work done in parks, parking lots, and in front of strip malls!  I have published an entire series of videos about training at home. I was able to practice the majority of the obedience exercises in my very small living room. Our members frequently brainstorm ways to make the most out of what they have. 

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