My Dog Runs From Me (Teaching Your Dog to Allow You to Catch Him)

come obedience running away Jan 12, 2020

There is one thing worse than a dog that does not come when he is called. That is a dog that runs away.  

In Beginner and Puppy classes we teach "Come" using the following four steps:  

  1. Using a long line, we teach the students to call their dogs away from distractions. 
  2. The dog is dragging the long line. When he fails to come, the student goes to the end of the line, picks it up, and enforces the "Come" command. 
  3. The dog drags a leash which allows the owner to go to the dog, pick up the leash and enforce the "Come" command. 
  4. We remove the leash when the dog is coming consistently, or, if he sees the owner heading toward him, he moves toward the owner, allowing himself to be caught.

However, in every class there is a student that struggles with the "Come" command because the dog will run away if he perceives he is loose or when someone is trying to catch him.  

Occasionally a competitor will contact me and ask about a dog that has "the Zoomies." 

Watch the following video if you need help teaching your dog to allow you to catch him. I hope it gives you some ideas. If you are an instructor, perhaps it will give you a plan to share with your students. 

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