The Obedience Road

The Information You Need to Succeed at Competitive Obedience

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Eliminate Confusion

Apply sound principles and easy to understand techniques

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Enjoy Training

Create training sessions that are fun for you and your dog!

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Reach Your Goals

Let your dream become a plan and your plan become a reality!

Training can be confusing, and you need information, but there’s a problem

  • Traveling for instruction is expensive and time consuming
  • It’s difficult to get your questions answered
  • You don’t have a clear plan…

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The Obedience Road has everything you need to develop your skills and your dog’s…

All in one place!

Let Connie Cleveland guide you no matter where you are on your obedience journey


The Obedience Road is designed to offer you a road, a SUCCESS PATH for COMPETITIVE OBEDIENCE.

The road travels from the new dog starting, to a seasoned Open and Utility competitor.

The Obedience Road training is divided into 5 Core Modules:

  1. Navigating the Obedience Road: Start here to familiarize yourself with some very important training principles.
  2. Your New Obedience Prospect: Get started with the right skills in the right order.
  3. Foundation Skills: The backbone of all your training. Lay the foundation needed for all the obedience exercises.
  4. Teaching the Exercises: Look here for specific information about a particular exercise. 
  5. The Competitor: Prepare for competition. 

Training an obedience dog is a process and a project that takes time. Travel the road at your own pace, with the support of Connie and the Obedience Road member community. 

Your Obedience Road Membership Includes:  

⭐ Access to the entire Member Training Program including 5 Core Modules, Instructional Videos, Audio, Writen Text, Assessments and Downloadable Charts.
⭐ New Monthly Member Content including monthly live webinars, recorded training or bonus Q&A videos.
⭐ The ability to Submit your training questions directly to Connie, and receive a personal response.
⭐ Membership to the active private Obedience Road Member Only Facebook Group.


You'll Receive:

💥 The Information you need to teach your inexperienced dog all the exercises.
💥 The Plan you need to prepare for the day of the show.
💥 The Support you need to keep your competitive partner at the top of his game.

Obedience road

Being able to watch the videos on different skills as needed has really helped me, especially during my furlough. The format of OR makes it easy to find what I’m looking for and to utilize the instructions.  Your progression on the exercises makes sense to me. I LOVE the Facebook group.  A wonderful bunch of uplifting, positive folks sharing ideas and encouragement. 

~ OR Member

The Obedience Road- A Proven Path from Newcomer to Successful Obedience Competitor

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Tricks that Transition to Obedience Exercises

A FREE Digital Obedience Guide

Teaching your dog tricks can be fun, entertaining, and useful for building competitive obedience skills

This complementary online program demonstrates seven eight tricks (illustrated in a CHART and demonstrated on VIDEO) that are easy to teach, and transition very nicely into obedience exercises.


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