Make Your Dog Want to Perform | Step 1: The Importance of a Reward Marker

how dogs learn reward markers Jan 05, 2022

All of us want our dogs to enjoy obedience training and competition. Many of us can teach our dogs to perform the exercises, but how do we teach the dog TO WANT to perform? 

Last summer, I spent time talking with Obedience Road members about training challenges. Some members were struggling with the dog’s enthusiasm on a particular exercise, like Heeling, or Command Discrimination. Some members were seeing their dog lose enthusiasm as he was shown more frequently. Another common concern was a noticeable difference in the dog’s attitude when training and in the ring. 

Repeatedly, I found myself laying out a similar training plan. A plan to move from-

Teaching the dog to perform, to
                      Teaching the dog to want to perform.  

Where should you begin? How can you make your dog want to perform?

The above video is part of a webinar I did for Obedience Road members titled, Teaching Your Dog to Want to Perform. I hope you enjoy it.

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