Fronts With Two Leashes

commands teaching the exercises Jul 12, 2021

Techniques Change, Goals Don't!

Teaching a dog to sit straight in front of you requires that your dog know how to maneuver his body from side to side. 

Techniques for teaching your dog to front straight in front of you are as plentiful as recipes for Apple Pie!

You may have tried having your dog stand on a bucket and maneuver his rear end, using a guide on the ground for your dog to sit on, pointing to front,  dropping treats from your mouth, backing up, using your feet as a guide. All those techniques, or a combination of them, may prove helpful. 

At this point, the easiest solution may seem to be to give up...after all, a crooked front is only a half point deduction..."

Before you do that, change your technique! Here's an idea that might help your dog understand that his head is in the correct position, but his rear end needs to move. 

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